About MeDrive

MeDrive driving school wants to ensure that all or our past, present and future pupils stay safe on the road. The skills you will be taught will keep you safe on the roads long after you’re past your driving test.

Road safety does not happen automatically. These essential skills need to be learned and honed to a very high standard. Forward awareness and planning are one of the skills a good driving Instructor will teach you.

All our driving instructors teach an acronyms COAST. Concentration, observation, anticipation, space and time. With a high concentration and not being distracted by your passengers or other devices in the car. You will maintain. Your focus will be greater which means your observations will be acute. So when a hazard appears. Your anticipation will be quicker to deal with the hazard and this, in turn, this will give you more space between you and the hazard and more time to react.

Our Driving Instructors use these techniques and many more on a daily basis as we know this will keep you and your loved ones safe on today’s busy roads.

As we said earlier, essential skills need to be learned and honed to a very high standard. We pride ourselves in delivering an excellent standard of driving tuition having only the best male and female instructors working for us. All our instructors are qualified to the DVSA graded standard of an A.

We also use client-centered learning, so we will adapt our learning skills to suit your individual needs.

If you wish to do your driving test in a short space of time. This does not mean; you will be receiving a lower standard of instruction it means you will be taking the same amount of lessons. (or probably less due to your frequency of in-car tuition) over a shorter period.

Meet The Team


Caroline Lloyd

MeDrive Driving Instructor