Driving Instructor Tests

To become an Approved Driving Instructor (ADI). You will need to pass three tests set by the Driving Standards Agency (DVSA). Because there are three parts to becoming an ADI, it will understandably take a few months to fully qualify.

In addition to the three tests to become an ADI, you must also:

You must of held a full driving licence for at least three and half years.
You have no more than 6 penalty points on your driving licence.
Be able to read a number plate at 90 feet (with glasses if usually worn).
Be a fit and proper person in the eyes of the law.

Become A Driving Instructor

Part 1 Test - Theory & Hazard Perception

The Part One test takes 1hr 30 minutes to complete and comprises of 100 multiple choice questions on a variety of driving and instructional topics.

The 100 questions are split into four bands. There is a choice of four answers to each question, one of which is the correct answer. To pass the theory part successfully, you need to get 20 or above within each section. The overall score you need to pass for the theory is 85 or above.

As part of the Part One test, you will also be shown 14 video clips of hazards about to develop on the road while driving. You will be required to click as soon as you see the hazard. To pass the section successfully, you need to get 57 or above.

Part 2 Test - Driving Ability

The duration of the exam is approximately one hour and no more than six minor faults.

The Part Two exam consists of 3 parts:

Eyesight Test

You must be able to read in good daylight with the aid of glasses or contact lenses if worn, a motor vehicle registration mark containing letters and figures.

79 Millimetres in heights and 50 millimetres wide at a distance of 26.5 metres or 79 Millimetres in height and 57 millimetres wide at a distance of 27.5 metres.

If you do not pass the eyesight test, you will not be allowed to take the test and the test will be marked as a fail and count towards 1 of your attempts.

Safety Questions

You will be asked to describe how to perform a check on the condition and safety of three components of the vehicle and demonstrate an actual check on the condition of a further two components.

Components could be from the following list:

Tyres, Steering, Brakes, Lights, Reflectors, Direction Indicators
Audible Warning device and the liquids used in the braking system, engine or elsewhere in the vehicle as a coolant, lubricant, cleaner or otherwise.

Test of Driving Ability

This is an advanced driving test and a very high standard is required. You must show you have good thorough knowledge of the principles of good driving and road safety and that you can apply them.

You must satisfy the examiner in all the following areas:

Expert handling of the controls. Use of correct road procedures

The anticipation of the actions of other road users and the taking of appropriate action. Sound judgment of distance speed and timing.
Consideration for the convenience and safety of other road users

The routes used for the above test will include roads that carry heavy and or fast moving traffic; they will also cover various roads and traffic conditions, i.e. urban and rural conditions.

You need to perform the following manoeuvres, and you are only allowed 6 minor faults. The test is like the L test for learners, but it is slightly longer and of a higher standard.

  1. Move away straight ahead or at an angle.
  2. Overtake, meet or cross the path of other vehicles and take the appropriate course without undue hesitancy.
  3. Turn left and right corners correctly without undue hesitancy.
  4. Emergency Stop.
  5. Drive the vehicle in reverse gear and while doing so enter limited openings to the right and left taking effective all round observation
  6. Turn the vehicle to face the opposite direction using forward and reverse gear with effective observation.
  7. Reverse park the vehicle into space behind a parked car within two car lengths close and parallel with the kerb, taking effective observation or Reverse park into a parking bay, with due regard for other vehicles and pedestrians, while taking effective observation.

Part 3 Test - Instruction Ability

You are allowed 3 attempts at part three exam.

The Part Three exam requires you to give two half-hour lessons on subjects chosen by the examiner. The first half hour the examiner will play the role of a novice driver. The second half hour the examiner will play the role of a pupil who is nearly at test standard. The examiner will play the role of the pupil and you will be the instructor. You are being tested on your ability to instruct and deliver a lesson.

Once you have successfully completed and passed all three test you will then be able to join the register of Approved Driving Insturctors.

Customer Reviews

I wanted to become a Driving Instructor in Chester and had previously had training with the AA and was unsuccessful on three attempts at the Part 3 test. ADI Part 3 training with MeDrive Driving School was delivered brilliantly. I realised on my first lesson what professional training really looked like and also realised the poor training I had received from the AA. Theses so called big companies are not as good as you think they should be.

MeDrive Driving School made the 'Part 3' understandable and logical to follow. It's not easy, and it does require several hours of 'homework' after each session. If you listen to MeDrive then you'll be able to pass your 'part 3'. I passed my part 3 exam first time and now I am a driving Instructor in Chester. I will and have recommended MeDrive Driving School to other PDI's!


I just wanted to send you a few words to say thank you for undertaking the ORDIT training with me. It was just as you said it would be... hard work, a big time and financial commitment but it's all been worth it. It's made me look at my role as an ADI and ADI trainer differently and has made my time with my students even more enjoyable and rewarding. Passing ORDIT in January was a fabulous feeling. As you already know, the PDI's I am training have passed all exams taken to date first time! Thanks again and I look forward to further training sessions with you to look at changes to new PDI/ADI qualification process.


I started training with MeDrive, with some trepidation as I'd tried to become a driving instructor once before and didn't get beyond the theory test due to bad instruction. But the journey with MeDrive was very different. They are professional, but friendly and they explain everything clearly. They uses cameras in the car to record your training so you are able to review everything, which I found extremely helpful. I passed this time and have had CPD training with MeDrive when needed. They are supportive after you pass, even for some advice as you start work on your own. One of the best.


Having passed part 1 and 2 with ease I found part 3 a little more difficult. I was training with a large national company but always felt something was missing. That became apparent when I failed my first attempt!

I was lucky enough to be given MeDrive details and called them immediately. What a completely different approach to training. MeDrive is fantastic, very  patient, explaining it in terms I actually understood, breaking each element down into small chunks of information. Filming my training was a huge help as it could be referred to whilst doing my homework.

MeDrive are very professional and know everything you need to know in training to be an ADI, it's just a shame I didnt find him sooner instead of investing in a large company that didn't deliver!

If you want clear, concise, structured training at a pace that suits you then I can highly recommend MeDrive, I will certainly be using him for all my CPD and SC's.


I had tried to become a Driving Instructor in 2004 with a large national company. Like many, I failed my part three exam three times. I thought I was not cut out for the Job.

Then I was introduced to MeDrive. From the first five minutes of speaking to them, I knew it was not me, who was not cut out for the Job. But the so-called training establishment. Had let me down very badly.

MeDrive made me believe that I had the ability. It was not all plain sailing, but I knew I was making progress in the right direction. Using the in-car cameras, I could take away the training session and fully prepare myself for the next lesson. It was an invaluable tool.

Yes, and there is a happy ending to the story. I passed my part three first time in 2009.

I have been teaching on the Wirral for the past seven years. I also keep in contact with MeDrive for my Standard Check and any concerns I have. He always has the solution.

Words cannot say how much it means to me Thanks.


Back in the start of 2011 I made the decision that I wanted to be a driving instructor. I passed the first two parts (theory & driving test) pretty comfortably. However the part 3 was a lot more testing & the training I was currently receiving then on the instructional ability test from RED driving school was very poor & barely touched the surfaces of what I needed to know. This is where I managed to get hold of MeDrive to put me on the right path to pass hopefully 1st time.

From the moment I met him & got in the car I found his instruction very thorough & he made clear exactly what I needed to be doing in order to be fully prepared! His ability to teach was excellent & he gave me full confidence that I would go into the Part 3 & be successful. Weeks after meeting him I went in & successfully passed first time. This was hugely down to him. His knowledge of what is required to become an ADI is unquestionable.

Would highly recommend!!


I would highly recommend contacting MeDrive if you're thinking of embarking on a career as a driving instructor, I wasted a lot of money to a well known company and then met MeDrive who broke down the whole process, the training was excellent and the factor it was recorded helped me immensely, I thoroughly enjoyed my time training, my instructor was very patient (he needed to be!) he was encouraging and made me believe in myself, he's totally reliable and very punctual. I qualified 5 years ago now and MeDrive has supported me ever since, which is just as important as you grow into the role, he has helped me become a successful independent instructor and I've never looked back, thank you again.


I passed my test FIRST TIME with MeDrive and cannot thank him enough for his patience and encouragement in getting me through my test.

I would very strongly recommend anybody considering embarking on a Driving Instructor career, to make MeDrive their first port of call. I feel that the money that I spent on training with MeDrive was money very well spent.

I was absolutely ecstatic to be embarking on a new career as an ADI & being able to be self employed & work the flexible hours I wanted was a plan that MeDrive made possible for me.
Can't thank him or recommend him enough.


I first met my MeDrive trainer in 2009 and it is no exaggeration to say he changed my life... He was very honest and explained the highs and lows of training to be instructor and the commitment required. During this process he worked me very hard!! He was always honest and didn't sugar coat it when I wasn't hitting the standards required! However under his guidance I was able to make the necessary changes and become successful! I undertook my PDI training with him and I passed all 3 parts first time and in under 6 months. This was only made possible by my drive and his relentless support and motivation through the highs & lows of the process. However it was all worth it when I qualified.

Once I qualified I then met Caroline and they both supported and mentored me through the first 3/6 months post qualification. Since then I have met up on regular occasions as part of my CPD. He has coached me for check tests and standards check and I regularly contact him to discuss ongoing career options/opportunities. He is a fabulous mentor!

Earlier this year I began my biggest adventure, to train as a ORDIT training. He was very honest about how tough this was going to be to fit in around work/family. It's a huge time and financial commitment and a massive responsibility to take on the dreams and aspirations of others life changing career plans. However I am so pleased to say that the PDI's I have trained since working with MeDrive and undertaking ORDIT training has paid off... So far I have 100 % 1st time pass rate for all exams they have taken!

It's a huge responsibility but MeDrive has made me believe in myself and my ability and he has been immensely supportive. To have him change my life once was Amazing but 7 years on he has done it again! You will not regret training with MeDrive, they are a total inspiration!!


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