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Driving lessons should be fun but also challenging and we have had many learner drivers come to us from other driving schools. as their main concern was that the driving instructor was talking about everything, except the driving lesson.

With our team of highly trained and experienced driving instructors, We are here to teach you how to drive and all the necessary driving skills that you will need to pass your practical driving test. Obviously, light conversation is only good manners, but our driving instructors will need you to concentrate and focus on the driving lesson and skills being taught.

In our vast experience of teaching learners to drive in Chester and the surrounding areas, we recognize that everyone is different and learns at different speeds. For example, if a learner is nervous behind the wheel, we will recognize this, and will adapt the lessons to their needs to build confidence when driving a car. At the same time, we still need to make the driving lesson's challenging for the learner so that they can build on their experience and skills towards their driving test.

What can the learner driver do to get the most out of the driving lesson? Here are a few pointers that can help:

  • Taking regular driving lessons is so important. It is easy to miss a lesson or two and feel it won't make a significant difference, but we can assure you it will!
  • Try and give yourself at least thirty minutes before your driving lesson to reflect on the previous lesson. After your lesson, give yourself another thirty minutes to think about what you have just been taught & learnt. This seems simple, but it is very effective to get the most out of each lesson.
  • Make sure you wear sensible shoes and clothing, bring a bottle of water if you wish and always turn off your mobile phone.
  • Do not go out the night before your driving lesson or have any alcohol or any other type of substance in your system when you are due to have a lesson. The instructor will not take you out in the car, and you will be still be charged in full for the lesson.

At MeDrive, we work well with learners who will listen and take ownership of the knowledge they have been taught. Remember that the driving instructor, regardless of their vast knowledge and experience, cannot do it for you. You will be the one taking the driving test!

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Areas We Cover

Driving Lessons

Living and learning to drive in Birkenhead has significant advantages when it comes to the practical driving test. The Upton Driving Test Centre is only a few miles away & the Wallasey Driving Test Centre is even closer.

Driving Lessons

Buckley provides the learner driver with plenty of opportunity to practice hill starts! There's no need to worry about hill starts though as our driving instructors will teach you how to deal with them calmly and correctly.

Driving Lessons

Although learning to drive in Chester might seem daunting with it's multi-lane roundabouts & busy roads, our team of driving instructors are highly experienced at teaching learner drivers how to negotiate them safely.

Connah's Quay
Driving Lessons

Connah's Quay is a great area to gain experience with pedestrian crossings & hazard perception. MeDrive will teach you the valuable skills of hazard awareness & forward planning to safely drive through these areas.

Ellesmere Port
Driving Lessons

There has been a recent increase in the number of mini roundabouts in Ellesmere port which provides ample opportunity for learner drivers to learn the correct procedures for approach and negotiate around them.

Driving Lessons

Living in Wallasey and the surrounding areas, the A554 Kings Parade is ideal for your first Driving Lessons. This is a perfect place for new drivers to learn the basic control of the car, driving skills and elements of the driving test.

Driving Lessons

There are a number of fantastic areas in the Wirral for learner drivers to learn the basics and develop the necessary driving skills and elements of the driving test syllabus to pass your driving test.

Learning To Drive With MeDrive

All our driving instructors have 10+ years experience.

All our driving instructors Grade-A standard.

Choice of male or female driving instructor.

All our cars are fitted with CCTV cameras.
Driving lessons & courses built around your needs.

Structured driving lessons with aims & realistic goals.

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