Winter Driving Advice

Here is our winter driving advice and a few winter tips to keep our past, present and future Learner drivers in Chester, Buckley, Connah’s Quay and Ellesmere Port safe through the winter months.

Before starting your journey in snow or icy conditions…

First of all is your journey necessary? If so, please leave more time for your journey and also make sure we have checked the following.

  • You have cleared the inside and outside of your windows before starting your trip.
  • Make sure you wiper blades are in good working order.
  • A good screen wash will be effect up to -35 to prevent the water from freezing.
  • You must have at least the legal minimum tread on your tyres 1.6mm over the central three-quarters of the tyre. Less tread means less grip.
  • If you are planning a long journey. Make sure you take a flask with a hot drink. Some snacks a torch, extra clothing, and your phone is fully charged. In the event, you break down.
  • Plan your journey and continue to listen to updates on the radio for weather warning or road traffic accidents. Always have an alternative route.
  • When driving try and avoid emerging from Junctions which are on steep hills. If you have stopped on black ice.The car could lose its traction and roll backward when you wish to move away safely.
  • In the last few metres before the white line of the junction, keep the car slowly creeping forward up to the line this might avoid coming to a complete stop. Unless it is a stop sign, you must stop.

Below are a few roads to take extra care when emerging from in the icy or snow conditions.

Chester – The top of Sandy Lane the B5130 which emerges onto the A5115 Christleton Road.

Buckley – When driving along Liverpool Road the B5127. The light controlled crossroads of Church Road B5128 on the left and Ewloe Pi on the right.

Also, we need to be aware of emerging on roads which are on a steep downward gradient. Our breaking technique should be earlier lighter and smoother to avoid the car skidding and losing control.

We also need to be aware of light controlled crossroads and make sure if the light is on green. Do not assume they will stay green. So we need to use our ease back and our point of no return method.

Below are a few roads to take extra care when emerging from in the icy or snow conditions.

Connah’s Quay – The bottom of Hamilton Road which intersects with Church Street B5129.

Ellesmere Port – Driving along the A5032 as we pass over the Ellesmere Port railway station bridge at the light controlled crossroads. The road on the left is Cromwell Road and the road on the right is Princes Road.

We wish you a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Please drive safe this winter, from all the team at MeDrive.